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Gluten Free Oven Ready Lasagna with Leeks, Corn and Gruyere

This rich cool weather main dish is a great option for multiple dietary restrictions.

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Barilla Chickpea Penne Pasta Salad with Watermelon, Asparagus and Feta

Juicy watermelon and cool mint simply dressed with a sweet-salty combination of flavors makes this ...

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Mediterranean Spiced Yogurt Pasta Salad

This simple, make-ahead pasta salad loaded with flavor is great served cold or at room ...

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Tour the Italian Region of Trentino

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 16, 2018 | Category: Regional Italian Spotlight

Tour the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige located in Northern Italy. Learn how this region’s cuisine is greatly influenced by its Austrian neighbors and the ingredients Trentino is famous for worldwide. Read More about this Italian region here.   more

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ProteinPLUS® Spaghetti with Anchovies and Red Chiles

This quick, protein-loaded pasta has a big punch of umami and heat in a simple ...

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Casarecce with Artichokes and Langoustine

Artichokes shine in this creamy deconstructed seafood pasta dish.

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