The Pasta Encyclopedia: Orecchiette

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Orecchiette translates to “little ears” in Italian, looks like its name, with little ear-like cups that cradle and capture sauces. Barilla Orecchiette is one of few cuts produced exclusively in Italy using bronze dies as part of the Collezione line. The resulting traditional look and texture make it a great... more

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Good To Know: 2015 Foodservice and Menu Trends

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This is the season for looking ahead to the new year, and once again we have the usual stew of writers and experts willing to step forward and cast their predictions. Here are some of the ones we found most compelling: NRN’s food editor Bret Thorn’s trend forecast for 2015... more

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Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen! Pesto

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Today we’re going to dive into one of our favorite family of sauces, the pesto. It’s a surprisingly rich platform for innovation! Here in America we think of pesto as the combination of basil, parmigiano, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil. But the Pesto Genovese, as that recipe is properly... more

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Trending Now: Food and Flavor Predictions for 2015

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Each new year brings a fresh flurry of food trend predictions from the experts and pundits. They weigh in on everything from the next “it” foods (e.g., tacos are the food of the year; ugly root vegetables are the new kale), to macroeconomic and social psychological factors impacting consumer behavior.... more

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Good To Know: The Latest Word on Menu Labeling and Healthy Dining Trends

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With Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, menu labeling regulations, and the ever-present obesity epidemic, the time is ripe for a focus on healthy dining. These are some of the best reads on the subject we’ve seen: Mintel: Health & Wellness Trends Report: For more information about the report, Technomic:... more

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Trending Now: Keeping Italian Relevant with Regional Dishes

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Columbus Day this year marked 520 years since Italian culture first hit the shores of the Americas. It may surprise you that in 2014 Italian is still the #1 ethnic cuisine in the US by a wide margin. Menu incidence is more prevalent for Italian than the next five ethnic... more

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Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen!

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This summer we presented a seminar at the Flavor Experience conference in Newport Beach, CA called “Not Your Nonna’s Italian” – about using authentic, regional Italian cuisine to stay modern and relevant with today’s consumer. Regional Italian cuisines hold a wealth of new ideas for American menus, which have been... more

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Good To Know: The latest articles about Pasta & Italian Cuisine

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A few things to noodle on – here are recent (within the last few months) articles about pasta and the menu: Food Management spotlights a regional American take on pasta, from UMASS Amherst – a New England lobster with roasted corn puree over angel hair. Pat Cobe of Restaurant Business... more

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The Pasta Encyclopedia: Gnocchetti

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Gnocchetti is a tightly curved pasta with a grooved exterior, historically made by pressing pasta dough on the bottom of a wicker basket. Not to be confused with the commonly known gnocchi dumpling, Gnochetti, a classic pasta of Sardinia, where it’s also called “malloreddus” or “fat little calves” in Sardinian... more

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