• Takeout Approved Recipes

    Takeout Approved Recipes

    View our recipe recommendations to inspire your takeout options and menu.

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  • Tips To-Go: Pasta for Delivery and Takeout
  • Barilla’s Restock to Reopen Program

    Barilla’s Restock to Reopen Program

    Your partners at Barilla are committed to supporting the foodservice industry as we've weathered the challenges brought on by COVID-19. As we begin reopening the doors, reigniting our stoves, and rebooting our businesses, it's also time to restock the pantry. We'd like to help make that a little easier with this special rebate.

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  • Celebrate National Pasta Month with Barilla!

    Celebrate National Pasta Month with Barilla!

    We invite you to join in #BarillaPastaMonth and celebrate your love of pasta along with us and some of your favorite restaurants. So, whether you’re trying a new pasta shape at your favorite restaurant or having the perfect bite of linguine for takeout or home delivery, we’re here to make your National Pasta Month even more delicious.

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  • Welcome to Barilla Foodservice

    Welcome to Barilla Foodservice

    When it comes to pasta, quality is key.

    That is why Barilla – the leading brand of pasta in Italy and the United States – is a favorite of foodservice chefs. Whether serving the needs of restaurants, cafeterias, commissaries, or other foodservice operations, our full line of versatile Barilla products brings excellence to any menu. And today, affordable quality has never been more important. 

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  • Protein+™ Spaghetti with Sundried Tomato Sauce

    The Dartmouth University dining hall offers this light sauce of fresh and sundried tomatoes over Protein+™ spaghetti for a satisfying vegan entree. Capers and basil add color and ...

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  • Turkey, Apple, Cheddar Pasta Salad Shaker

    Chef Katie Sutton, of Food and Drink Resources, developed several clever pasta shaker salads. They’re a perfect to-go meal that holds well. Assemble them ahead in dome-lidded parfait ...

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  • Thin Veggie Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Grana, and Pepper

    Grana Padano is similar to Parmesan, made in northeastern Italy for centuries. Its more granular texture and slightly sweeter taste pair well with veggie spaghetti and a generous ...

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