Good for you, Good for the planet

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Good_COLORIMore than a tagline or catchphrase, “Good for You, Good for the Planet” is a Barilla guiding principle and reference point for every product we produce, and how we evaluate our impact on the planet and interact with our communities.

As an Italian company, we have always followed the principles of the Mediterranean diet and food pyramid, and increasingly look to make products that conform to its nutritional principles. Our think tank, the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation, undertook some groundbreaking research to examine the environmental impact of the foods in the pyramid, and made an important discovery: The very foods at the base of the Mediterranean diet pyramid – e.g. vegetables, grains, legumes – are also the least harmful to the environment.

It starts with a pyramid — actually, two of them.


The Double Pyramid

Analyzing the environmental impact of food, the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation noticed the foods we should eat most often are also those with the least environmental impact. This led to the creation of the Double Pyramid.

The Double Pyramid model has been adopted as a reference point for the Barilla Group’s way of doing business. Today, around 80% of Barilla® Products are at the base of the food pyramid and 93% are in the same position on the environmental pyramid.

Good for You

TASTE, QUALITY, AND SAFETYBarilla® Products need to be enjoyable and taste good every time. We provide simple products made to a higher standard of food quality and safety.

BALANCED NUTRITION – Barilla revises its recipes to constantly improve them and launches new products that provide people with a nutritionally balanced package proposal based on the Mediterranean Model.

Good for the Planet

ENVIRONMENT – The majority of Barilla® Products are situated at the base of the environmental pyramid. From field to consumption, we guarantee a product life cycle that respects people and planet and, in particular, reduces emissions and consumption of resources in our factories.

SUPPLY CHAIN – We are committed to reaching the goal of sourcing 100% of our strategic raw materials responsibly, guaranteeing a complete cycle of sustainable supply chains from field to consumption for the well-being of people, animals, and the planet.

Good for Communities

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND INFORMATION – Barilla provides information on food and nutrition and delivers healthy eating education courses for younger people.

SOCIAL INCLUSION – We listen, understand and respond to the needs of the local communities in which we work, promoting diversity and encouraging inclusion by means of open and transparent working relationships.

Sustainable Results

Starting in 2010, we measured our environmental impact of our pasta using a total lifecycle assessment; calculating the carbon footprint, water footprint and ecological (land area) footprint at every stage, from growing the wheat to the time it’s cooked for the table. We use this data to help make improvements all the way through the supply chain, and set concrete goals to lessen our impact.

Despite these gains, we are not content with progress alone and have set even larger goals for 2020 to continue reducing our footprint on the planet and promoting wholesome and joyful food habits…even as our business grows.

Here are some results to date from 2008 to 2013:

  • 27% reduction in greenhouse gasses despite increasing production by 4%
  • 25% reduction in water use in our production plants from 2008
  • Increase use of recyclable packaging from 85% to 96% across our portfolio