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Spaghetti with Bottarga & Clams

Recipe by Lorenzo Boni [nutrition facts]

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Upcycled Vegetarian “Meatloaf” with Penne and Sauce Aurora

Recipe by Chef Pascal Beaute Chef’s Notes: Instead of using a loaf pan, you could ...

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Spring Campanelle with Greens and Pistachio Gremolata

Recipe by Chef Nate Weir Sturdy Barilla Campanelle is the perfect vessel for a light ...

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Crawfish Creole Sauce

Chef’s Tip: The sauce is very hearty and although appears thick, thins out well with ...

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Creole Crawfish Lasagna Benedict (GF)

Recipe by Chef Jason Knoll Crawfish Creole Sauce Recipe

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Portobello Bacon Lardons

Chef’s Tip: It is important to sprinkle the smoked paprika over the mushrooms while warm ...

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