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Pasta/Sauce Pairing Guides

When pairing a cut of pasta to the type of sauce, the chef is always in charge! There are no rights or wrongs as long as your diners enjoy the dish. However, for those looking for a suggestion or two, you might find our pasta & sauce pairing suggestions helpful.

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Glossary of Barilla® Pasta Cuts

With more than 50 versatile cuts, Barilla offers you endless possibilities for your cooking and dining pleasure. Explore the many different shapes and sizes that can offer a foundation for a world of flavors and ingredients.

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Barilla® Gluten Free Tips

As the demand for gluten free dishes on menus keeps soaring, Barilla has put together few a tips and techiques to help you menu our Gluten Free pasta.

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Barilla® Whole Grain Tips

Our priciples for flavor-pairing with whole grain can help you not just offer a healthier choice, but make it a winning item for flavor as well.

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Healthy Pasta Recipe Builder

Meals inspired by the Mediterranean Diet support well-being and the prevention of chronic diseases. Use this index and guide to help you make decisions when you are planning out a recipe, shopping at the store, or stocking your pantry.

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