Innovators: Chef Steven Miller, CEC, ACE; Senior Executive Chef, Cornell Dining

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Executive Chef Steven Miller’s menu at Cornell is as ever-changing as the tastes of the over 20,000 students and staff that dine at the 32 operations on campus. Balancing healthy and indulgent items, authentic ethnic with comfort foods, and having a variety of options for vegetarians and others with special dietary needs is a constant challenge, one that makes full use of the entire culinary team’s creativity and skills. One of the healthier items that’s part of Cornell’s “Eating Well” program is this recipe for Barilla Protein+™ with Broccoli Rabe. Developed in conjunction with the dining department’s RD, it’s a dish that proves better-for-you choices don’t have to taste or seem like sacrifices.
Barilla Protein+™ with Broccoli Rabe and Sweet Peas

Barilla Protein+™ with Broccoli Rabe and Sweet Peas

As chef Miller explains:

“We were looking for a seasonal dish to pair with the PLUS pasta; and knew we wanted something earthy. The favas, toasted garlic, fresh reggiano parmesan, veggies, and rapini really deliver that. The beans add more protein, so you have a nice balanced dish that’s hearty and satisfying, even without meat. It’s similar to a dish I did for years for vegetarians at catering functions; it can be made a la minute, and it looks great on the plate.”


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