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Barilla Foodservice for Distributors

By: | On: March 1, 2021 | Category: Good To Know, Steal This Idea, Trending Now, Uncategorized

Barilla Foodservice for Distributors Your all-in-one-source for all things Barilla Foodservice. Explore resources, browse recipes, & learn more about Barilla’s commitment to supporting foodservice operations. more

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Pasta Saves the Day

By: | On: February 8, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

We know operators have a LOT on their minds these days, with so many changes and challenges coming so fast. For all of you keeping those plates spinning, we put together a little video that’s fun and simple, and hopefully puts your mind at ease about how you’ll rise to... more

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Barilla’s Covid Resource Center

By: | On: August 21, 2020 | Category: Trending Now

Independent operators and family-owned businesses are a meaningful part of our business, so we have created resources to help you and your customers stay informed and stay safe during this time. As always, our team is here for you and ready to help. more

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Tips To-Go: Pasta for Delivery and Takeout

By: | On: May 12, 2020 | Category: Benvenuti to the Barilla Test Kitchen

In a recent post, we covered some best practices for pasta when working with delivery and takeout along with some winning ideas we’ve been seeing out in the marketplace. Now a few weeks later, we’re building on that in a Q&A format with some more tips and strategies, and highlights... more

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